Hi my name is Akeem Banks and I founded Distinguished Life in 2020. Originally from Bridgeport, CT, I began writing and creating at a young age. I have been inspired by different artistic expressions and appreciate music, art and poetry that highlights the diverse beauty of life, balance and being Black. 

When previously working as a personal trainer with a diverse clientele (from small business owners to executives of large hedge funds), I noticed that although some of my clients were seen as successful in multiple areas of their lives, they struggled with a lack of purpose and balance which led to stress, depression and unhappiness. 

Years later, I noticed my own imbalance in life. Struggling with clinical depression I sought out ways to restore mental and physical health. I utilized a broad range of tools and strategies such as meditation, art, writing, puzzles, marathons and therapy. I recognized the importance of continually working on becoming the best version of myself while maintaining balance throughout all aspects in life. Distinguished Life was formed out of the desire to provide premium products, goods and services that uplift, enrich and encourage a healthier and more purposeful lifestyle.


The Distinguished Life Logo

I have always been drawn to the infinity symbol and believe that balance is necessary for growth. The Shen ring is an ancient Egyptian symbol for infinity and eternity. The components of the symbol include the circle and folded strand of rope with no ends representing infinity. As this symbol’s use continued through history, the meaning expanded to include “protection.” Hieroglyphs have depicted symbols and items inside the Shen circle- illustrating the desire for these items and people to benefit from eternal protection. I believe the tenants of distinguished life- meditate, create, love- hold infinite possibilities for fulfilling and enriching each person’s purpose. By protecting and cherishing these tenants, I believe we can all achieve a distinguished life. 

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